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Spot Farms Artisanal Dog Treats

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If you haven't heard of Spot Farms Artisanal Treats, then it's worth taking a look. They are made in the USA with all Human Grade ingredients and priced just right. You can have them in your hands quickly with Amazon's 2 day shipping.

With hundreds of reviews and 4.8 out of 5 stars, dog owners seem to really agree that these are the Best Natural Dog Treats.

But what about the ingredients? Spot Farms Chicken Jerky Apple Rosemary Treats are made with only ingredients that you will recognize. They are made from chickens raised on family farms in North Carolina- with no antibotics ever.

They are glycerine and grain free- no corn, wheat, or soy and they contain no artifical flavors, preservatives, or colors.

So what do they contain? Only the best all natural ingredients:


*Apple Juice

*Organic Cane Sugar


*Cultured Dried Skim Milk


*Apple Puree

*Ground Celery

*Natural Smoke Flavoring


Spot Farms believes that knowing where your dog treats come from is just as important as knowing what's in them. That's why they partner with small family owned farms who raise their chickens with care.

All of the ingredients used in their products are graded for human consumption and created using the same standards required for human edible food.

The best part is that the Spot Farms Chicken Jerky Apple Rosemary Treats are soft and pliable which makes them great for all dogs from puppies to elderly pups. They are easy to break, so they make a great option for training treats as well.

Here's what some Spot Farms fans have said about these treats:

"Spot Farms treats make my dogs so happy. I am grateful for the high quality of these treats. This is what quality ingredients and preparation looks like."

"I have a special needs dog and these are the only treats he enjoys now that he's gotten older. He loves them and will eat them even when he's not feeling well."

"I purchase Spot Farms brand only for my dogs and they absolutely love them. One of my dogs has many allergies and sensitivities and she does so well with these treats."

Grab some Spot Farms Chicken Jerky Apple Rosemary Treats for your best dogs today.

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